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 August round robin sign ups now underway

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August round robin sign ups now underway  Empty
PostSubject: August round robin sign ups now underway    August round robin sign ups now underway  EmptySat 25 Jul 2015 - 23:52

Please fill out the questionnaire get it back to me by August 4th. I will send out Partner info by the 5th. All gifts should be mailed out by the 20th unless its overseas those should be mailed out by the 15th to ensure proper delivery time. If you have any questions please let me know. PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT WHEN YOU AGREE TO DO THE ROUND ROBIN YOU ARE AGREEING TO ALL TERMS. INCLUDING POSTING A PUBLIC THANK YOU INA TIMELY MANNER.

This month's theme is going to be Its a small world- (all things Disney)

So when you're listing the things you'd like to receive this month ... think in terms of things that's you've wanted or thing you need for reborning.

General Round Robin Swap Rules:
1. Sign ups for any given month will be limited to between one to two weeks. If you miss out on one month, you'll have to wait for the next month to participate.
2. You must sign up for each month you choose to participate, including filling the questions form again.
3. Gifts must be mailed out in time for your recipient to receive the gift by the middle of the following month if at all possible! Please use your discretion when mailing internationally since it generally does take longer. You will have 1-2 weeks to do your shopping, depending on where your recipient lives.
4. Each month will have a theme but you are not restricted to using the theme. This is strictly a matter of choice.
5. Gifts must be no less in value than $15 and no more than $25. This would be retail cost if you make homemade items.
6. Gifts must have something to do with or for reborns.
7. Do not contact your recipient directly to ask any questions. If you need to know something that wasn't answered on the question sheet, please contact me and I will get back to you with the answer.
8. Protect yourself when you mail out your package. Use certificate of mailing, delivery confirmation or certified mail (some way to prove you've mailed your package) when you send your package in case questions arise.
9. Pictures aren't always feasible for some people, but posting a public thank you to your giver is a must.
10. This swap is open to reborners and collectors alike.
11. Items must be new including handmade items unless requested by recipient. (i.e. vintage bottle, etc)

*** You must be age 18 or over to participate, or contact me privately before signing up. ***

Rules specific to the August Round Robin:
1. Sign up between Now and July 1 to participate in the July swap by emailing the list of questions to ribbonsandrainbowsnursery@gmail.com. Email only please! (I will answer all emails so if you don’t get a response from me saying I received your email PLEASE resend it. Don’t pm me the info, please … it gets very complicated when I have things going on in both places!)
2. You will receive the name you will purchase for no later than July 3rd, along with the list of questions they've answered.
3. Packages must be mailed by The 20th stateside and the 15th for over seas shipping.
4. You are encouraged to keep to the theme, but it’s entirely your choice!

Copy (highlight the questions then press CTRL and the C key at same time) then paste (put cursor in notepad or similar and press CTRL and V key at same time) the below then send your answers to ribbonsandrainbowsnursery@gmail.com . to join. By submitting this questionnaire, you are agreeing to the terms of this Round Robin and the rules.

Questions! Please be as descriptive as possible! One word answers are economical but don't help your partner plan your package!

1) Forum user name:

2) Full name and complete mailing address:

3) Telephone number: (some postal carriers require it)

4) Are you willing to send packages Internationally?

5) Allergy concerns :

a) Are you allergic to animals, smoke, or misc scents?

b) Do you have pets or smokers in your home?

6) When is your birthday? Just month and day.

7) Tell your partner what sort of things you would love to receive this month!

8) Do you use magnetic pacifiers and hair bows, or baby bottles as props?

9) List the size and gender of any keepers you have at home:

10) What are your favorite:
a) Animals
b) Flowers
c) Scents
d) Color

11) Are you diabetic?

12) Do you like using jewelry for babies?

13) Do you have a name for your Nursery that you use?

14) Do you like frilly or simple?

15) What month is this questionnaire for?

16) Who have you swapped with recently?

17) favorite Disney character?
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August round robin sign ups now underway  Empty
PostSubject: Re: August round robin sign ups now underway    August round robin sign ups now underway  EmptySun 26 Jul 2015 - 9:45

Just sent mine to you. :)
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August round robin sign ups now underway  Empty
PostSubject: Re: August round robin sign ups now underway    August round robin sign ups now underway  EmptyThu 6 Aug 2015 - 5:08

Am I too late for the August RR if not I would like to join in please
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August round robin sign ups now underway  Empty
PostSubject: Re: August round robin sign ups now underway    August round robin sign ups now underway  Empty

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August round robin sign ups now underway
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