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 To My Christmas Baby Swap Recipient

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To My Christmas Baby Swap Recipient Empty
PostSubject: To My Christmas Baby Swap Recipient   To My Christmas Baby Swap Recipient EmptyTue 10 Dec 2013 - 10:30

Okay, I write this letter to the recipient of my Christmas Baby for the swap feeling like such a bobblehead...
 lol Big surprise!

I just want my partner who receives my baby to know that the last step I do on my babies before I finish them to send them home is to do their nail tips. Well I ran out of nailtip paint and ordered some to finish up your baby..

Well, my head got all boggled apparently because I got overly excited dressing your baby and getting it ready to send home to mommy (I use air dry paints for my brows and nail tips so figured I would get him/her dressed while waiting on the paint)...

Needless to say as I was getting my packages together to mail a few days ago I got all excited for you to receive your baby and got it all boxed up for you and shipped priority mail as I wanted him/her to arrive quickly.

Well...about 2 hours after I shipped I realized what I had done.  sad 
I shipped your baby without nail tips like the airhead I am...

I feel so bad and do not want my recipient to think nailtips are just something I don't do, so here I am, writing to you anonymously here...  oho 

When you get the baby if you want to send him/her back to get its nails done, I will cover the cost of shipping, or I would be happy to send you a bit of the air dry paint so he/she does not have to leave your arms.

I feel really stupid and I hope you are not upset. This is something that has never happened to me before and of course it must happen now on my second baby swap, ugh!

Other than that, I hope you love your baby. I bought a special tutorial to do his/her skintone and I made sure to pick one of your top most wanted kits  weeeeee! 

Enjoy your baby and please excuse my airheaded-ness... I'm terribly sorry for my forgetfulness!  kuckoo-crazy 
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To My Christmas Baby Swap Recipient Empty
PostSubject: Re: To My Christmas Baby Swap Recipient   To My Christmas Baby Swap Recipient EmptyFri 13 Dec 2013 - 2:05

her nails are fine, I will tip them...I have forgotten to tip the nails on my babies before! LOL I am gonna post I got her but I don't have pics....I lost my camera charger....if you want you can add pics if you took them before you shipped!

To My Christmas Baby Swap Recipient IMG_3151

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To My Christmas Baby Swap Recipient
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