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 Exciting TV documentary about Reborn

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Exciting TV documentary about Reborn Empty
PostSubject: Exciting TV documentary about Reborn   Exciting TV documentary about Reborn EmptyWed 3 Apr 2013 - 10:17

Hi everyone,

My name is Simon and I am a TV Producer in London. I are currently making a series for Sky (one of the big networks over here) where our presenter explores different parts of his life as he gets towards 40. To do this he will travel the world to meet new, interesting people to give him a fresh outlook on things he thought he knew about but maybe doesn't. So he'll be exploring his worklife, his relationship, his beliefs etc. One of the episodes will be looking at parenthood - so as he heads towards 40 he's not had kids yet but is unsure whether they are for him or not. So he is travelling the world looking at different ways people bring up kids or see themselves in their roles as parent - he'll be off to Japan, Indonesia and the USA. Hopefully these experiences can change his perception of what it is to be a parent.

I am really interested in the reborn community and the amazing dolls that you guys make. I can't believe how life like you have got them!! I think it might be a really interesting thing for us to talk about in our programme. Our schedule at the moment has us in California at the end of May so I am especially keen to speak to people in the Reborn community there so if you are based there or know of people based there I would be really interested to chat with you.

Please feel free to either contact me on here or

Thanks for your time in reading this...and keep up the good work!

Simon x
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Exciting TV documentary about Reborn Empty
PostSubject: Re: Exciting TV documentary about Reborn   Exciting TV documentary about Reborn EmptySun 14 Apr 2013 - 4:09

We have not yet found a favourable article in either the papers or on TV for
reborns, and those that have taken part have had what they say changed
so much and made them look needy.

Good luck in your endeavour but I fear most true artists would be fearful
of talking to you, but you may get someone who wants their 15 minutes
of fame.
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Exciting TV documentary about Reborn
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